Friday, December 30, 2011

(Almost) Last Day of the Year

There's a golf ball in my throat.

Oh wait, that's actually just my throat.

Scratchy, scratchy. Ugggh!

OK, so I'm a little down and out health-wise but hopefully by the time this post is done, the paracetamol will have kicked in and bliss will be forthcoming. (Funny, we don't have "paracetamol" back home. It's some exotic concoction that the FDA hasn't yet approved for sale, I guess. Or maybe it's just Excedrin PM with another name. Not sure, but I LIKE it.)

So time to wax poetical about the year gone past? About the dramatic twists and turns life has taken? About the great leaps forwards in matters of the heart, wallet or shoe collection?


I thought I'd keep it simple and talk about the joy of fuzzy socks.

Yep, that's right, fuzzy socks. I'm wearing them. Warm, woolly, fuzzy socks made by Totes with the little slip-resistant pads at the bottom...e.g., the closest adults can get to footie-pajamas without shopping in the husky boys section of Penny's. Paul got me some for Christmas...see other, forthcoming posts for who this "Paul" is...and I dig them. They like put the split in banana split, the party in party time, the friday in TGIF. You get my drift.

I like the fact that they keep my toes warm...always an issue in England, even in summertime. They also allow me to go all bed, bath and beyond with no change of footwear...another big plus. And because they've got snowflakes and a furry top on, they make me feel like I'm in a Swiss ski chalet, toasting myself in front of the fire after another great black diamond run.


In other words, they make me feel comfy.

So maybe that is my philosophical waxing for the year.

Don't forget to take joy in the simple pleasures of life. Even if they border on the delusional--I can barely survive the bunny slopes but Swiss Alps there I was!

It's your life, your delusions. Make the most of both!

Happy 2012 everyone!